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More and more public schools are joining the Foreign English Teaching program. Click here to see which schools are currently participating.  


Education is very important and should be accessible to all children. Our public schools host both students that are already fluent in English and students that have never been in contact with another language. Getting them to the same level is a teacher's biggest challenge. 

Tainan's mission is to make English the second official language. To reach this goal, they started developing programs with native English teachers so that Taiwanese students can learn the language in a fun and interactive way. The goal is to increase the next generations' language skills and for them to speak confidently in English.

Our Teachers  

We currently have teachers from South Africa, Canada, America, UK, New Zealand, Belize and the Philippines. 


Click here for more information on joining the Tainan FET program.  

I like teaching in Tainan because it is actually one of the most famous and popular places in Taiwan when it comes to food. Tainan is also the oldest city in Taiwan, which means there is a lot of history and strong culture. 




Since Tainan isn't the biggest city and parts of it are largely countryside,  the people tend to be more friendly and outgoing. When it comes to the job, of course they are sincere, but very helpful and cooperative when it comes to new teachers, and also have very easy-going personalities.



Usually, when it comes to education,  parents can have a strong influence,  but unlike other big cities, the parents in Tainan, are open to the idea of having foreign teachers. Since there isn't a huge surplus,  the foreign teachers are a valued commodity and aren't taken for granted. They are even willing to help the lesser experienced teachers.


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